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July 2009

Wage slave

OK, we're getting on for two months since the last post - but this blog will not lie down and die just yet.

I have been working. In London. For money. Five days a week. I haven't been contractually obliged to work five days a week since 2003; and I haven't worked a rigid five days a week since 2001. So it has been a shock to the system, and I have been too exhausted to blog, or do anything else but stare at the wall.

There hasn't been any travel recently, as I am dead broke, so what do I write about? I want to write about New Guinea, but have determined that that will be the end of the blog. Meanwhile I haven't got time to write about anything else, so here are some words that I have been enjoying recently: cozen, malapert, eldritch, baluster, martingale, sneck, endued, oneiric, apocope, omnifutuant, nugacity, ithyphallus, orts, diastemic, apotropaic, champaign, messuages, pyknic, chrism.

No, I don't know what some of them mean either.

Finally, here are some butterflies I saw in Lisbon in May.

A red admiral:


A Cleopatra, just emerged from its chrysalis:


One of three emperors contriving to mate:


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